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Karma, Astrology, Remedies, and Paying Back to the Earth

No matter what job and what amount you’re earning, wherever on earth you’re living, you need to pay back to the Earth in whichever way possible. You enter the earth dimension for a reason and your job here is to fulfil your desires but also the karma which is due. This means the loan on…

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Insights on the Root Chakra

The root chakra is the he room of foundation. It is the subtle memories or the traumas that has been logged in the genes. It is similar to a storage where memories are kept. The root chakra is also the energy storage of memories the DNA in you carried through generations. This includes the place… Continue reading Insights on the Root Chakra

Crystals for the root chakra

The root chakra is the base of your 7 energy points called as Chakras. Similar to the base or foundation of a building which keeps the whole structure steady, the root chakra is powerful enough to control or decontrol the energies. If it is blocked or imbalanced, all the other chakras are parallel affected. We… Continue reading Crystals for the root chakra

Owl as a Spirit Animal

Owl as a spirit animal. Spirit animals appear as a sign to give you a direction, guidance, or a message that can transcend you. Those who are connected with the energy of owl have a rare capability to see in the dark. As the animal itself hunts in the night, and can see clearly what… Continue reading Owl as a Spirit Animal

Venus and Ketu Conjunction

There is a lot of communication going on around this topic. I thought to write what is my take on this combination. At one go, everyone say about Venus and Ketu combination is – it is a detachment (Ketu) from Venus (luxury). There is no denying in this truth but many aspects need to put… Continue reading Venus and Ketu Conjunction

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